How to Conquer the World before Walking Out the Door

Mornings always felt rushed to me. I would see other people seemingly conquer the world before dropping their kids off at school. They had worked out, read their Bible, eaten a balanced breakfast, had fantastic hair and make up, packed a healthy lunch, and made it out the door in time to grab a coffee at Caribou.
Then there was me who could barely get up, grab some cereal and half-watch an episode of Friends while throwing my hair in a messy bun, quickly grab some carrots or something for lunch, and stumble out the door. My mornings looked like this whether I had five minutes to get ready or a ninety minutes. Oh, and I didn’t have kids to get out the door – just myself!
I decided enough was enough. I made changes to be able to get LOTS done and in just an hour and a half in the mornings. It’s not by any magic in the morning; instead, I learned to better manage my nights.

Nighttime Routines to Fix Your Mornings

  1.  Do the dishes. If my kitchen is clean in the morning, it is easier to find dishes and cook breakfast without getting sidetracked. I even have time to make eggs and bacon now!
  2. Lay out clothes for the next day. It only takes a few seconds to check your weather app to see the forecast. When your clothes are already out, it eliminates the need to make a decision early in the AM before your brain is ready for it.
  3. Have lunch ready to go. I put some leftovers in my Pyrex containers so that everything is ready to throw in my lunch bag. (This is a SUPER useful set of containers I use on a daily basis from Amazon. The sizes work great for portions and for packing into lunchboxes! This is an affiliate link, full disclosures here)
  4. Make a pile by the door. Shoes, keys, anything else you bring with you (for me it’s a backpack).
  5. Charge your phone far from your bed. The only way my morning “email check” doesn’t turn into 10-15 minutes of scrolling Facebook and responding to texts is by charging my phone on a different floor of our house than our bedroom at night.
I am amazed at what my mornings look like with these changes in place!
5:45 Alarm goes off
6:00 Workout
6:30 Shower/get ready
7:00 Breakfast/Devotions
And I can be out the door by 7:15/7:30!
How does your morning routine compare? What things make your mornings run just a little bit smoother? I would love to hear what is working for you.  Comment here or let us know over on Facebook!