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Grief in the Time of Pandemic – learning to hold joy and sadness at once

Did you see our big announcements?  We are over the moon excited, but that feeling has been paired with a...
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COVID and Moving and Baby, Oh My!

The last two months have been a whirlwind, and not just because of all the things going on in the...
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Rearranging Our House to Match Our Priorities

"We're going to spend less time on screens", "No more wasting time on binge-watching", "Let's read more this year!" And...
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Baby Step Update: Where we are five years after FPU

It's been a year an a half since we become debt free! Progress at this point feels a lot slower,...
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A new relationship with food

When we got married I could cook Mac ’n cheese and anything that went in a microwave. That’s it. Unless...
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The Bible in a Year: What I learned and why I’m NOT doing it this year

Bible in the Year: the first time I grew up in church. I was there multiple times a week, went...
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