COVID and Moving and Baby, Oh My!

The last two months have been a whirlwind, and not just because of all the things going on in the world right now.  It’s an exciting time in the Osegard household. 


First of all, Baby Osegard is coming this fall! We are so excited to meet this little one *hopefully* in October. More on that another time, because that is not the only big news from our family . . .


We live in Franklin, TN now! 

I know, we didn’t get to tell everyone before we left.  It was the worst of goodbyes, but we’re living in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and that really messed with our plan.

We’d known for a while that we would move, likely this summer, but we decided to wait to announce it until things were solidified in mid-March. 

Remember Mid-March 2020? That is about when things all started to go a little crazy in our part of the world.  Our governor announced that we would stay home for two weeks.  No big deal, right?  It wasn’t ideal timing, but we thought we would be in MN til the end of May, so we would wait til the start of April when we could see our people again to let them know. 

Our governor (wisely) kept extending our stay-at-home deadline. At the same time, we had some interesting scenarios with our landlord and buyer that meant we now had to be out of our house before the end of April.  It created a whirlwind of figuring out how we would move in under 30 days, say goodbye to our people, and how I would finish off the school year.  Not only that, but the time had come to start telling our people about Baby Osegard! It was a lot to process. 

As the pandemic situation kept changing world-wide, we found ourselves on an even tighter deadline to not only say our goodbyes, but to do all of the big things that are involved with a move to a new state, and start planning for the new addition to our family! 


If we didn’t get to tell you in person, please know we are truly sorry.  We hadn’t been to work in person since the start of March. We also hadn’t gone to church since February! That made us miss out on seeing a lot of our people which made it hard to spread the news! We wish we could have told each and everyone of you in person and celebrate and said goodbye!

  ps. There are so many more updates to come with more details!