Financial Peace University Recap (2018)

We had the opportunity to lead a Financial Peace University class at our church.  We first took the class ourselves in January of 2015 and have led it in some capacity four times since! These principles truly work, and it’s amazing to see what happens when you manage money God’s way!

What we tracked

A sweet note left by one of the participants!

The Financial Peace University class is nine weeks long.  On week two, participants turn in an anonymous “financial reality check” that has them look at their non-mortgage debt, readily-available cash, and number of credit card accounts open. These numbers get tallied up and provide a big snapshot of where the class is at. At the end of the nine weeks, they fill out a similar card that asks how much on-mortgage debt they paid off, how much additional cash they saved, and the number of credit cards they cut up.

The Results

We had about 120 participants stick through the nine weeks of Financial Peace University, and their results are astounding! Total debt paid was $244,388.53 (that’s $3759.82 per household).
Total money saved was $130,859.84. Not only that, but o
ur group cut up 160 credit cards – that’s 2.5 per household!!

Stack of final Reality Check Cards!

Stack of final Reality Check Cards!

BONKERS, you guys. Seriously bonkers.  God is doing a mighty work through FPU.

This round has been an especially fun round for us, and the people who attended have really stepped up to the challenge. As a whole, this group has been so committed to truly making a change and being bold in how they manage their finances. It is so inspiring to see so many people in all different walks of life take ownership of their situations, whatever they are, and feel empowered to change them for the better. Not because they want more money or want to be rich, but because they understand that this is God’s money. He created everything, and everything belongs to him. He has entrusted us with some of His resources, and we are to manage those resources the best that we can.

We are so excited to see the continued growth that this group of FPU graduates will have as they continue walking through life following the simple principles laid out by Dave. With the huge changes seen in the span of just this nine-week course, can you imagine what these people will be doing in a year? 5 years? 30 years? What kind of positive impact can we as people and Christians have on the world around us when we are out of debt, financially sound, and able to give generously to those who need it? Wow. Just wow.

Celebratory cake - the last credit card we had to cut up!

Celebratory cake – the last credit card we had to cut up!