Our Debt Free Scream!

It’s finally happened – we took our trip to Nashville and were able to do our Debt Free Scream live on The Dave Ramsey Show! We have been looking forward to that chance since we first heard about Dave and the Financial Peace University course. We knew it was a long-shot to actually get on the show, but we are SO excited that we were given the chance. Here’s a little look at what the day was like for us!

Ramsey Solutions

Walking into Financial Peace Plaza is such a cool experience. Right in the front doors, you can see into the studio where Dave records and films for his shows. The wall is covered with hand-written notes from past guests who have paid off their debts. We were greeted and welcomed in true Tennessee fashion, “Y’all”s and everything! We got checked in, snagged some complimentary lattes and cookies at the cafe… Sidenote- if you want to become the Osegard’s new best friends: coffee is the answer. We were there nice and early, so we had plenty of time to chat with our wrangler, Kat, and the video host George Kamel. Everyone we talked to was so kind, caring, funny, and so genuinely excited for us to be there! They made us feel like the celebrities.

Show Time!

When it was almost time for us to join Dave on the air, Kat got us our headset and we were officially tethered to the wall. Like a well-oiled machine, they clear the furniture in the lobby to the sides, and gather all of the visitors towards the entrance. They have a camera on the visitors, and this gives us a clear line-of-sight to Dave in his chair in the studio. We have a sound check with Kelly, and give a wave to the camera to set up the shot. And we were LIVE!

As soon as we start talking with Dave, any nerves we had just kind of disappeared. There’s just something about him that calms you down, I don’t know how else to explain it. He asks a few questions, we tell our story, and before you know it almost 8 minutes have passed. He starts to set up for our scream, and I’m getting excited. Alyssa grabs my hand, so I know she’s ready to YELL! “Count it down, let’s hear a Debt Free Scream!”

We’re Debt Free!

“3,2,1… WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!” We scream it out and the lobby fills with our yell, clapping, and┬ámusic. What a surreal experience! I just kept grinning like a fool, and leaned down to give Alyssa a nice, awkward don’t-smack-the-microphone-on-your-face hug. We did it – we were out of debt, we made our trip out to Nashville, and we yelled at Dave Ramsey. I’d call that a successful trip!

We couldn’t be more happy for so many reasons. The people we met at Ramsey Solutions were all so incredible, and we can’t wait to work with many of them again! Alyssa and I have led Financial Peace classes 4 times already, and we have no plans to stop. It has given us so much in such a short time, and we want other people to see the same success with money. What would our world be like if even half of us were debt free and able to GIVE without concern for our families or futures? We want to see a world like that!

ps. You can check out our Debt Free Scream on Youtube!