Transform your life in nine weeks!

Nine weeks was all it took to change the trajectory of our finances.  Our finances were a mess – we were in debt and had no consistency. When the opportunity arose, we made a small investment into a kit and added some accountability.  Nine weeks later we had new habits, had paid off $8000 in debt, and were set on a path to financial peace!

The key was diving ALL IN for the nine weeks. We committed to the program’s guidelines and did our absolute best. It wasn’t perfect, but we were committed and consistent.

We haven’t regretted that decision once. In fact, we realized that the same ideas could be applied to our health, so here we go.

FOR NINE WEEKS we are committing to filling our cups even when our plates are full.  We know that taking care of ourselves allows us to be better spouses, coworkers, and friends, who are more able to pour into others!

Our nine week all-in guidelines include:

-Four 40 minutes workouts a week that are pre-set and easy to do at home or at the gym
-Prepping meals for each week to keep us on track, using a menu emailed out each week by a Registered Dietitian
-Weekly work-free dates (or outings with friends, if single)
-Creating a schedule each week that sets us up for success, no matter what we have going on
-Checking in with our friends who partner with us for the nine weeks

When it came to our finances, nine weeks was all it took to change the entire trajectory of our future, and we are confident that nine weeks is all it will take for us to change our health and schedule. Life is better in community, though, so we want YOU to partner with us!

Let’s do it. Let’s commit to our OWN health on a daily basis, and focus on the relationships that matter most to us. It won’t be easy, but we know it will be worth it, and we are so excited for others to join us on this 9-week journey!  Comment “I’M IN” if you want more information on how to join us for this nine week transformation!