Top reasons why shopping at ALDI is the best

When we first took a look at our budget a few years ago, we realized we had no idea what we were spending on food (and that we weren’t eating that healthy), so we started shopping at ALDI. We had heard ALDI had better prices, but we had no idea how many benefits we would find when shopping at ALDI!

Shopping at ALDI for Health

-Cheaper fresh produce

One of the keys to eating healthier is eating more fresh foods, but purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables can add up. ALDI produce is delivered fresh multiple times a week. Plus, it is typically cheaper than other grocery stores!

-Fewer distractions help us stay on track with our our goals

ALDI grocery stores are smaller and only about 10% of what they carry is name brand. This means we can stay focused on what we need and don’t get distracted by other options that aren’t helping us towards our goals. Plus, less distractions means less impulse buying, so our budget stays on track too!

-Many options including vegetarian, gluten-free

No matter what your health goals and needs are, ALDI has many amazing options. They have a fabulous selection of vegetarian options and gluten-free options. Not to mention their other awesome lines, like the “Never Any” meats that are from antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed animals. All of ALDI’s brands are truly high quality but at a fraction of the cost of other stores in our area, which makes eating healthier that much easier.

Shopping at ALDI for they way they do things

-Amazing return policy

Have you ever bought a bag of produce only to get home and realize that there’s a bunch of mold? Or buy a bag of flour only to find the rip in the bag as you put it in the pantry? These things happen, but ALDI’s return policy is amazing. They call it the “Twice as Nice guarantee” because they replace the item AND refund you as well!

All this will last us a week+ and was under $40!

-The way they run their store make it less expensive for us

ALDI doesn’t stock shelves as nicely as other places. They bring boxes straight out of the warehouse. It’s not as pretty, but it is more efficient. And it means they don’t have to pay stockers to keep the shelves looking picturesque.

-Fast and efficient

Along those lines, employees at ALDI share tasks and are very fast-paced! They have everything set up to be as efficient as possible – even putting big bar codes on everything so they don’t waste time trying to find the bar code!

Give ALDI a try!

Replacing even a few of your regular grocery items with the ALDI equivalents could save you tons of money each week! Give it a try, and see why we’ve made this our first and main stop each week for groceries. And remember to bring a quarter (for the cart deposit) and some reusable shopping bags to make your trip a breeze!