My First Job – Things I would tell high-school Alyssa

Congratulations on your first job, high school Alyssa!

Getting a job is exciting! You’ll make some really incredible friends at Coldstone.  It’ll have its ups and downs like any job, but it will overall be a really fun job that you will look forward to.

Taxes – they’re a thing 

I want to tell you a few things. First of all, taxes are a thing. I know you think you’re making $8/hour, but it sure won’t feel like that when you see your first paycheck. It’s okay, just be warned!

You don’t need the stuff you think you need. 

I know you think you NEED to go out to eat with your friends and keep up with the Joneses, so to speak, but no one will judge you for not getting a huge meal and settling for a smaller plate or not going at all. Sure, you got a job so you could spend time with friends, but you can do that on a smaller scale. First Job

College is expensive.

You know this. People tell you all the time, but know that debt will be a struggle for you after college.  You’re going to pick a private college (WHY??).  Save some money from your first job.

The good news is that you get a husband out of the deal (and spoilers – it’s not the guy you think it will be). However, it’ll take some hard lessons and lots of time to pay off your debt.  It’ll put you behind in your goals for building a life together – skip the loans.

Savings sound boring but. . . 

I know the last thing you want to hear me say is that you should save.  But if you can get some compound interest working in your favor NOW. WOW. You’d be amazed if you knew how those summer nights at Coldstone would build up to be so much more. 

Live on less than you make

In a few years, you’ll think that this is one of the most basic principles of money.  You know those tips you make for singing cheesy songs? Try to live off of those and save your actual paycheck.  You’ll be so much better off that way!

Much Love,
Future You

ps. Spoilers. Time travel didn’t work, so you didn’t see this message til you were 26.  It was too late to make the most of your first job, but it’s not too late now. You’ve come so far and have big goals. God is so faithful in teaching you lessons on how HE wants you to use money. You’ll turn out alright, high school Alyssa.