Coming clean about personal care

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I inherited the most acne-prone skin on the planet.  I would wash my face religiously and still have the oiliest skin ever with constant breakouts that no amount of mid-2000s caked on foundation could cover. 

This was my profile picture in 2006. ????

I hoped and prayed that I would outgrow it like most every other teenager in the world, but no such luck. I tried every line of product available at Target, bought the expensive lines whose commercials seemed to be there just for me, and even tried prescription cremes and medications.  Dietary changes, sleeping on towels, cutting dairy, and drinking my body weight in water, still nothing.

Desperate for change

My body was littered with chemicals that I slathered on to try and prevent acne or to cover it up.  One day, my dear friend introduced me to her sister-in-law, who claimed to have the answer – Beautycounter.

My skin saw virtually no change, nearly a decade later.

Desperate for anything but my last resort (Acutane), I decided to give it a shot.  They didn’t have an acne line at the time, so I knew it was a long shot, but I vowed to give it six months with a handful of the products Madison recommended. 

It. Worked.  I still have the occasional breakout, of course, but it is a night and day difference.  I’m not embarrassed to be out in public without makeup anymore.  Now that the new acne line has released, I’m near-certain that I have total clear skin in my future.

More than just a clearer face

My favorite products go beyond face-care, however.  The sunscreen is AMAZING. I ALWAYS burn, no matter how much sunscreen I wear, because I am PASTY white.  We went to Florida, Haiti, and the Bahamas during the dead of Minnesota winter (when I’m at my palest), and I didn’t burn once (even when I didn’t apply as frequently as I should have).

My once oily hair is SO HEALTHY now that I use the shampoo and conditioner from Beautycounter.  I used to last no more than 10 hours or so without my hair being caked in oil.  Now I can go a few days in a row without a wash (if needed) and still be fine.

Coming clean on cost

Now, Beautycounter is more expensive than most things in my past.  We’ve had to budget for this.  While I often go the cheapest route for things to save money, I’ve learned that when it comes to personal care, you get what you pay for.  The confidence I have in these products and the results are worth the extra cost.  I’ve stopped buying a million products from other places and save up for a handful of Beautycounter products that I KNOW make a difference. 

Coming clean about Beautycounter

The more I’ve learned about Beautycounter, the more I love to support this business, even at a higher cost than I was used too. I’ve learned that there are almost NO regulations on what goes in to personal care items!  As someone who tries to make wise choices about what I put IN my body, what goes ON my body is equally important. It was terrifying to learn about all the things I was exposing my body to.  The stuff I was lathering on my skin before was definitely not good for my health.

Not only is Beautycounter a business I feel comfortable backing, but so is my consultant! Madison has become a sweet friend.  She is such an encouragement to me in the way that she lives out her faith, runs her business, and parents her sweet kiddos. There is something so wonderful about supporting a friend who really does things the “right” way, and Madison is that girl.  I can’t recommend her or Beautycounter enough.  If you are looking to step away from the junk in personal care products, you need to check out Espresso and Cream Beauty !

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