How a little Shake actually did change my life

“Try this shake and these at-home workouts! They’ll change your life!” I’d heard the spiel before, but I finally caved and decided to give it a try. Now, before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out.

“You’re just trying to make money off of me”

The whole business seemed a little sketchy to me. I was skeptical, just as I know many others are. I always understood that Shakeology would be good for my body. That part wasn’t confusing. What pushed me away was that for years, people tried to convince me to buy their shakes or purchase a program. I hated it. It was always a “cold message” from people I rarely talked to.

That’s why I didn’t do it. I wasn’t seeing the value, nor was I feeling valued by the people cold messaging me.

This time felt different

When Amber’s team came into my life, it was different. There were no cold messages. I had to come to THEM.

I tried Amber’s group once from a fitness side, because I was sick of my gym. I was paying for a monthly membership to a gym that I wasn’t getting results from. I even had a personal trainer, but once a week check-ins just weren’t enough to help me.

I had NO intention of sticking with it. It just so happened that there was a special deal that month where I could get BOD and Shakeology for cheaper than a month with my trainer and with his shakes that I didn’t like, so I figured I would do BOD for a month or two while we moved and I could find a new gym then.

But then I started noticing changes. I wasn’t snacking emotionally from my anxiety. I was hardly snacking at all. I was working out every day, and I had a community of women who stood by my side and every day pushed me to “press play” on a workout.

For the first time, I was consistently working out, eating healthy, and I felt better then I had in years.   

What happened when I stopped the shakes?

After the challenge group, I stopped drinking Shakeo, because, like many of you, I didn’t think it was worth the cost. Cody and I are hard core budgeters who spend very little on anything (except paying off student loans, woof).

I also started noticing changes this time too. Snacking was sneaking back into my life, even though I was still drinking shakes from my old gym. But there was NO WAY I was going to spend more on groceries each month by buying these shakes.

Another month passed, and I realized that I just didn’t have the same energy that I had in previous months. I felt SO discouraged. What was wrong with me? My husband (FYI, Beachbody’s biggest skeptic at the time), pointed out that I didn’t have my Shakeology and was instead snacking on other things.

I still didn’t want to give in completely

I decided that FINE, I’d buy the shakes once ever 3-4 months and only have them on days I was feeling tired. This happened to be the month that Take Back the Kitchen Launched.

The combination of all these things finally seemed to line up. Shakeology kept my snacking from going out of control. The meal plans kept us full of healthy foods and stopped us from eating out as much. We realized that even if we bought Shakeology every month and did the meal plans provided, we were only spending $80 a week including all food and shakes. It wasn’t a budget-buster like we assumed it would be.

Now we drink a shake everyday

Both of us have more energy to do all our day-to-day things AND workout. We love saving time on meal planning. But the best part by far is the community. Cody and I are

My daily snack is packed with superfoods and has totally saved me from my emotional eating!

each in a fitness accountability group and a nutrition accountability group. These groups encourage us and push us to be our best.

Now, it still feels crazy to say that I’m one of those crazy Beachbody people that love drinking Shakeology, but it’s true. The difference between NOW and years past when people asked me is that I get so much added value in the form of meal plans, time savings, and community.

If you have questions about our health and fitness journey or want to know how you can get involved with Take Back the Kitchen, you can contact us here.

Disclosure: I am an independent Beachbody Coach. The postings on my site are my own and do not necessarily represent the position, strategy or opinions of Beachbody and its brands