Stick to your journey (health and fitness results edition)

Last week, I hopped on the scale confident that I would see the results of the other people I am in this program with.  In general, things have always come easily to me, and I expected the results from this program to be the same way.  I knew I hadn’t been perfect with my nutrition or 100% “on” in my workouts, but surely my results would be as jaw dropping as so many I had seen online already. We’ve all been there, right?  We put in some of the work, but expect all of the results.

You see, I’ve been doing a program called “80 Day Obsession” that challenges me physically, mentally, and in my nutrition. The program is split into three phases and we just wrapped up the first phase.  I watched all weekend as people posted some pretty dramatic changes in weight, inches, and other non-scale victories as well.  It’s been a TOUGH program, but I’ve loved how it has challenged me in every area of my life.

Results from Phase One of 80 Day ObsessionI took my measurements and photos and wasn’t that impressed.  There were  changes, but not a ton. I felt defeated.  Thoughts ran through my head like “It’s your own fault.  You are terrible at staying on track with your nutrition,” and “You didn’t give every single workout 100%. You could have pushed more some days.”  Basically my brain was telling me I wasn’t enough and couldn’t be enough.


Mindset Shift

I knew I need a swift kick in the mindset. For the first time, I pulled out my photos from May 2016, In May 2016, I knew I needed a change. Today, I'm so much further along!when I first realized that I NEEDED a change in my life.  The differences between then and now SHOCKED me.   I’m down roughly 15 lbs and 17 inches (not to mention, fewer anxiety and depression symptoms, better sleep, and less sickness).  It took a year and a half to get to where I am now, and I am PROUD of that fact.  For some people, those results can happen in a much shorter time, but I keep reminding myself to stay in my lane and focus on MY journey.

My Journey, My Results

I didn’t end up at my heaviest, most anxious, most depressed state overnight.  Or even over a year and a half.  I got there from 22 years of not being active enough and growing up on almost 100% processed foods.  It was a result of emotional eating and negative self-talk.  It was my own fault, but it didn’t help growing up being told that I wasn’t “the active type” and by being told that I was young and could eat whatever I wanted. I got there because I didn’t treat my body the way God intends and expects me to.

Twenty two years of damage is not going to be undone overnight.  This journey is not dropping pounds with magic shakes, pills, or bars.  On this journey, I am training myself to make better decisions for better reasons.  I’m learning that this isn’t about deprivation or punishing your body. This is about creating a sustainable lifestyle where I train my body to crave healthy foods, where I put in the work to get the results I want, and where I learn to put God’s intentions for me before anything else. I’m staying in my own lane and not comparing my journey to anyone else’s!

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