A letter to my students

Dear Students,

I remember the first time I met you.  You came in to meet your teachers and get your pictures taken.  I tried my best to greet you by name and meet you at your level.  You hid behind your parents (and some of you even cried).

We’re halfway through the school year now, and everything is different.  I get to hear all about your family and your friends.  You show me your owies and tell me about the fun things you do with your family.  No longer are you “scared-to-even-look-at-me”. Instead, you know how to make me laugh and even how to push my buttons.

You think that I live at school.  I’ll be honest, sometimes it feels that way. I leave school and I worry about you.  I spend my free time planning the best ways to teach you and help you. My job is not a “leave it at work” sort of job.

The work of a teacher often feels never ending, but I know our time together is short – only a few years at most!  I have so much I want to impart on you in that short time.

I want you to know that:

-School is a safe place.  The staff and faculty will always put your safety first.  There are people out there who make bad choices, but we will ALWAYS do our best to keep you safe.

-Learning is fun.  There will be tough days and things that don’t click for you as well, but as long as you enjoy learning, you will continue to grow as a person.

-You are more than labels. I don’t care that you have a reputation at this age for being quiet, or sweet, or stubborn, or naughty. . . you are just who God made you to be – unique and wonderful. And I know that.

-Your worth is not measured by your accomplishments or by your reputation.  Your worth comes from God, and that kind of worth is beyond measure. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

-People will be mean.  It’s a part of life.  Learn to forgive people who are mean to you, and to both ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself when you hurt others.

-You made an impact on me. We may have only spent an hour a week together, but I thought about you and prayed for you a lot.  I spent most of my free time thinking about how to help you enjoy school and to find ways to make the most of our short time together.

Finally, I want you to know that Jesus loves you.

I have had the opportunity to teach you in a Christian school, but many of you will not have a place to learn about or express your faith after Pre-K.  I hope that I can show you God’s love, and that you can take that love and let it grow into a love and kindness for everyone you meet.

You are wonderful and you matter. Don’t ever forget it.

-Mrs. Osegard

2 Replies to “A letter to my students”

  1. Hello Mrs. Osegard,
    Such a beautiful and meaningful letter to your Pre-K students. You are a blessing for our little
    Hannah McGowan. So Proud to have read this letter! Love You, Grandma JoJo

    1. Aww! Thank you! Hannah and Selah are just the sweetest!

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