Sassy Con 2018 – Alyssa’s takeaways

June started off in the best way possible.  Cody and I flew to Phoenix (and drove to the Grand Canyon and then back to Gilbert, AZ) for a social media marketing conference – Sassy Con 2018.

Sassy Con was a truly amazing conference. The company hosting the conference, Sassy Suite, has a mission to #EmpowerSocial – which basically means they aim to help small business owners (including those in direct sales, bloggers, and a myriad of other businesses)  build relationship-based businesses with a focus on how to manage social media!  The various speakers and sessions helped us evaluate where our businesses are at, formulate an action plan, and network with people who quickly became friends.


1 – The WHY and the WHO will always outweigh the WHAT

My whys? Jesus. This guy. And helping other people learn and grow to be their best selves and help others!

What you do will never matter the most. Your circumstances will change. Companies may come and go. Even WHY you do things may change (for example, our first WHY was to get out of debt, now that we’ve done that, we have a new reason for why we do what we do).  This means when you are working to gain customers, you want to draw them to YOURSELF through what is called attraction marketing instead of drawing them to WHAT YOU SELL. Being yourself is always the best way to go when building a business (and it’s not spammy either, which is one of the basic principles of Sassy Con and the Sassy Suite.)




(Side note, there is an amazing training on attraction marketing that is offered through the Sassy Suite! I do get a small commission if you purchase through this link, but I would recommend it even if I didn’t! )Sassy Suite Attraction Marketing video course


2 – Consistency is one of the biggest factors to success

The Queen B (B is for Brenda) of Social Media Marketing!

Consistency is key.  I understand how to do a lot of things in direct sales and MLM, but nothing works as well as it could when you’re not consistent. This includes posting to social media, blogging, building relationships, follow up, and more. It’s not only true in business, but in life!  I can workout and eat well, I can take good care of my skin, I can learn a new skill – but unless I am doing these things consistently, they aren’t going to produce long term results.

3 – Find your people.  

We kicked off the event with yoga with strangers – that quickly became yoga with friends!

I am an introvert and meeting new people freaks me out.  Not only that, but women can be SO STINKING catty and mean (no offense). So I was really nervous going into this weekend.  These people were SO amazing. They were sassy (I mean, this was an event put on by Sassy Suite), which is my love language. Not only that but women of all shapes, sizes, beliefs, business, and more were gathered together in one place and there was nothing but friendship, acceptance, and encouragement.  There was an understanding that everyone is in a different place in their journey, so there was no judging or snide comments. It was amazing.


Join the Sassy Con tribe before Sassy Con 2019! 

If you want to take a step into Sassy Suitelandia, join the Socialite Suite here and like their business page!  There are many more groups too that you can join later on for people teaching their kids about the social media world, people who want more frequent mentoring,  people who blog, people who love planners and more! I don’t get any kickback for recommending these free groups, by the way. I just truly believe in them and their mission to #EmpowerSocial and I want you to be a part of it too!