2B Mindset vs. Ultimate Portion Fix

Beachbody has two main nutrition programs 2B Mindset (available here) and Ultimate Portion Fix (available here). I am both a certified 2B Mindset mentor and an Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach. While both are geared towards healthy eating, they are very different in the way they accomplish that goal.

The Basics

2B Mindset waterbottle

Both 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix are created by people who really know their stuff! 2B was created by Ilana Muhlstein, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her success story with the principles taught in this program is amazing. Access to the program also comes with some recipes, a tracker, and a water bottle.

Ultimate Portion Fix was created by Autumn Calabrese, one of Beachbody’s Super Trainers. It is technically set up as a 30 day program, but can be used long term as well. There are MANY more recipes that are a part of this program, including online resources and two physical cookbooks.

How they work

2B Mindset doesn’t have many hard-and-fast restrictions to it. It is a very positive approach to healthy eating and weight loss (or maintenance depending on your goals). There is no calorie counting or specific amounts to eat. Over all, there are general guidelines of what you should eat and why. Basically, you drink water, then fill up on veggies and protein to help you feel full. With that baseline, you can indulge in anything that your body enjoys! The tracker is simply a tool to help you see what you eat and how it makes you feel, but since there are no specific requirements for what you eat, it’s essentially just a journal.

Ultimate Portion Fix workbooks and containers

The Ultimate Portion Fix is a bit more rigid. While there are three different paths you can take, all paths have instructions on what to eat. There are color-coded containers that you track with every meal. For example, the green container is for vegetables, and depending on your weight and your goal, you eat a certain number of green containers each day. There are lots of options within the containers, but it is a more specifically dictated approach.

Results with 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix

I’ve followed each of these programs with the goal of weight loss over the course of 30 days each. I had more dramatic results physically when following the Portion Fix system. I enjoyed learning what portion sizes generally should look like, and what a good recommended amount of food for my body was. It was good to learn what a healthy amount of food was that would help me feel full, and reminding me why I eat. Am I eating just to eat, or am I fueling my body?

With 2B Mindset, I did not lose as much weight. However, as is in the name, my mindset around food was much healthier. I felt more in control and less restricted, and found myself craving less junk and choosing healthier options.

My Recommendation?

The Osegards love some tacos and a healthy mindset

If you’re looking for a specific recommendation between these programs, I’d love to chat about your goals and help you choose one. I’ve seen people reach their goals of weight loss, maintenance, finding a healthier relationship with food, and more with either program! For me, I am a 2B Mindset girl. While I know I may not see as many physical results, I feel like I am in a better mindset and have a healthier relationship with food when I follow these guidelines. I don’t need to count containers or anything like that, I just have to make the choices that will help me feel good inside and out!