Top 5 Favorite Travel Snacks

Do you LOVE travel snacks? We always have.  Road trips have always been an excuse for giant fountain pops, fast food, and lots of candy!  However, since Cody and I have been working on having a healthier lifestyle, those travel snacks weren’t fitting the bill anymore! Here are some of our alternatives that are simple, healthy, AND delicious

1) Snackable fruits and veggies

We love to grab a bag of carrots! Since our car snacks have always been super munchable, baby carrots, apples, pears, baby bell peppers, and more are perfect travel snack!

2) Green Pea Snack Crisps.

We got the White Cheddar ones from Harvest Snacks on our Grand Canyon trip and THEY TASTE LIKE WHITE CHEDDAR CHEETOS. I don’t know that I will ever be able to pass them up.  We’ve linked them below with our affiliate link because we love these things (and we want more money to buy even more of them. So buy a lot so we can get a great kickback, mmmkay? Ha!) 

3)  Air popped popcorn!

We both LOVE popcorn.  You know the buckets at theatres that are the size of a small child and offer free refills? That’s one of the reasons we shouldn’t be allowed in movie theatres.  Air popped is the way to go. WAY lower in calories, fat, etc, it is the perfect “munchy” snack in the car!

4) Snack boxes

These things are basically homemade lunchables.  We do this when we have a long drive and don’t want to stop, when we have coolers to make the food stay fresh longer, or even when we have to leave right at a meal time.   

We include nuts, raisins, apples, cheese cubes, deli meat, peppers, and sometimes a little piece of chocolate just because.  

5) Shakeology!  

We never travel without our shake now.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this shake has saved us from the drive-through (and when we chatted too long to have a lunch break at Sassy Con).  It keeps us full, gives us energy to stay awake for the drive, and has the nutrients of a TON of vegetables (I’ve heard as much as the equivalent of six salads!). It also has a lot of protein which helps keeps us full as we stay at the pump when refueling, passing on all our favorite junk foods and unhealthy travel snacks!

For us, these snacks help to kick off a road trip on the right foot. We make sure to eat quality nutrients and avoid our typical sugar-filled vices when possible. What are some of your staple travel snacks, nutritious or otherwise?